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Attorney in Israel

The law firm of Rosenberg and Co. – Attorneys in Israel was founded by Adv. Leon Rosenberg in the city of Netanya in 1975. In 1981, the firm opened an additional office in Tel-Aviv.

Our firm's specialties include the following practice areas: trusts and estates, Interior Ministry matters, real property, commercial and trade matters, intellectual property and copyright law, and notarial services. After the passing of Advocate Leon Rosenberg in October of 2007, the firm is headed by Advocate Pavel Rosenberg.

Our office provides its services to Israelis as well as foreigners residing in the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France, the U.K., as well as member states of the former Soviet Union such as Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and others.

Our clients include private individuals, corporations, contractors, entrepreneurs, advertising companies, electronics companies, business-people, foreign residents, start-up companies, artists, inventors and more.

Our firm is equipped with the latest technological tools, which enables our firm to attend to clients residing in foreign countries, often without then need for physical, in-person meetings.

History of the Firm

From the time when the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm first opened its doors, it has operated a notary (notarial) services division. Today, the Notary Services Division is managed by Israeli lawyer and notary, attorney Pavel Rosenberg, the son of the late attorney Leon Rosenberg. The division provides notary services in Tel Aviv, notary services in Netanya, notary services in Bat-Yam, signature verification services, notarized powers-of-attorney, will verification services, preparation and verification of notarial/notarized wills, notarized translation services, legal translation services, general notarial verification as well as attachment of an apostille (international certification of official documents).

Together with these services, the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm provides in-home notary services in cases where the client is unable or prefers not to come to our offices.

Over the course of the years, and in light of the high demand which has arisen in Israel, the firm established a Trusts and Estates Division at the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm which has to date handled thousands of probate petitions as well as inheritance petitions before the Registrar of Inheritance Matters, the General Guardian and the Israeli courts. During the course of these petitions, the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm has represented clients in various courts in Israel in proceedings such as contesting inheritance orders, probate opposition/opposition to orders of will execution and/or mutual wills stemming from claims such as forging of wills, common-law marriage, improper influence on the deceased regarding the drafting of a will and in other cases in which attorneys from our firm have been appointed as estate administrators.

In light of the wave of immigration which Israel absorbed over the course of the 1990's, our firm began handling real property and real-estate matters. The real-estate division of the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm has completed thousands of deals for the sale of apartments, acquisition of plots of land, registration of rights with the Real Property Registry (the "Tabu"), transfer of rights by virtue of a probate order, transfer of rights based on court decision and registering condominium apartment buildings. Our firm has vast experience in preparing agreements such as for the purchase of an apartment, sale of an apartment, purchase of a store and more while addressing issues of real property tax, including purchase tax and capital gain tax.

As a result of the wave of immigration from the Soviet Union, the citizens of Israel in general and new immigrants especially found themselves in need of representation before the Ministry of the Interior and its subdivisions. Our firm's Interior Ministry Division has assisted hundreds of new immigrants in matters related to receiving Israeli citizenship, issuance of an Israeli passport, renouncing Israeli citizenship, tourist visa approval, work visa approval, as well as other matters requiring legal representation before the Interior Ministry.

With that, the Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm has handled special issues based on Interior Ministry procedures regarding elderly parents, spouses of Israeli citizens, etc. As such, on the heels of the waiving of the requirement for tourist visas for citizens of Russia and the Ukraine and the wave of tourism from these countries, we have represented clients who have been denied entry into Israel.

The Rosenberg and Co. Law Firm's Commercial Division represents small and large Israeli as well as foreign businesses.

The Commercial Division, which is headed by attorney Eli Rosenberg, provides business counsel and support, establishment of companies, drafting of founders' agreements, drafting of investment agreements, corporate liquidation, corporate dissolution and transfers of shares. In addition, our firm provides services and assistance with marketing, advertising, advancement of sales, brand building, design, web sites, SEO positioning, entering the marketplace, crisis management and similar matters. The Commercial Division works in conjunction with the Intellectual Property (IP) Division which specializes in providing broad services in the areas of internet and web law, copyright, trademarks, patents and designs.

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