Who are we?

Israel attorney

Rosenberg & Co. Law Office, was founded in Israel by a lawyer in Israel Leon Rosenberg, in 1975 the city of Netanya, in 1981 opened a branch in Tel Aviv law firm and notary Rosenberg & Co..

In our law firm there are 8 attorneys in Israel.

Our form is located in 2 major cities in Israel:

Tel Aviv and Netanya.

Two offices leading systems in order to provide the customer the best service and the most effective.

Our firm specializes in services related to the following topics:

Citizenship and visas, personal status and family law, inheritance, wills and estates, Ministry of Interior, real estate, commercial law, company registration, intellectual property and copyright law and litigation.

After the death of lawyer and notary Rosenberg Leon, heads the office us – a lawyer in israel – Pavel Rosenberg.

Our firm provides services to residents and foreigners residing in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, England, and the CIS countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Latbih, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and more.

law office in israel

Customers include individuals, companies, builders, developers, advertising agencies, corporations, electronics companies, businessmen, foreign residents, start – up companies, artists, writers and more.

Our office equipment with the best latest technological tools that allow our office to handle customers residing in foreign countries, sometimes without the need for physical meetings.

our history

Department of wills and estates law firm Rosenberg & Co., handled to date successfully in thousands of applications for probate Succession Order probate with the Registrar of inheritance, the Administrator General and the courts in Israel, during which will be presented by the law firm Rosenberg & Co. customers in the various courts procedures such as opposition to probate and probate decree resistance and / or mutual wills, for fraud claims will, common law, the use of the deceased and other times, during which our agency lawyers were appointed to be executors.
The real estate department at the law firm Rosenberg & Co. has completed thousands of transactions, buying a home, renting an apartment, buying Land, registration of rights, transfer of rights by an order of succession, transfer of rights by a court and common household registration. Within the real estate activities Our firm has gained tremendous experience in handling the purchase agreement such as an apartment, apartment sales agreement, purchase agreement Shop by answering questions real estate taxes, including purchase tax and praise.
In light of the fact that Israel is an ingathering of the exiles Jews from all over the world, and in light of the many difficulties that exist in the Interior Ministry we had to help new immigrants and foreign residents get visas, class, nationality and passport.
However, the law firm Rosenberg & Co. acted special issues by the Ministry procedures, such as an elderly parent procedure, the procedure Israeli citizen spouse and so on.
However, new immigrants bought apartments, plots, open business, established factories and more.
Provide consulting services and business support, construction company, Founders Agreement editing, making an investment agreement, liquidation company, deleting a transfer of shares. Nevertheless, our firm also provides services marketing issues, advertising , promotions, brand building, design, SEO, positioning, market penetration, crisis management and more. The commercial department is working with the Department of Intellectual Property services firm wide area network law, Internet law, copyright, trademarks, patents and designs..

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Our People

  • Israel attorney
    Pavel Rosenberg, Israeli Lawyer – Owner of the firm
    Head of Office / Owner. charge of department emigration / immigration to Israel, Department of notary services in Israel and the Department of inheritance and wills in Israel. Son of Leon Rosenberg. Immigrated to Israel in 1973 at the age of...
  • corporate lawyer in israel
    Eli Rosenberg, Israeli Lawyer – Head of Tel Aviv Office
    Head of Tel Aviv office branch. Head of Commercial Department, and the Department of Civil and intellectual property law. Son of a Pavel Rosenberg. Graduate Law School in Israel. Member of the Israeli bar. Practice in a large law firm that majors in...
  • attorneys in israel
    Jenny Lantsman, Israeli Lawyer – Head of Netanya Office
    Head of Real Estate department and department of Family Law in Israel. Director of the branch office in the city of Netanya. Completed the full training in our office. Member of the Israel Bar Association. Specialization in Real Estate in Israel: Legal support of real...
  • Dimitry Melmann, Israeli Lawyer – Labor law
    Member of the Israely Bar Association Labor law attorney in Israel Advocate Melmann specializes in representing clients in employer-employee relations issues, dismissal compensation lawsuits, lawsuits regarding wages, lawsuits regarding lack of prior notice, unjustified dismissal and so forth. Labor Law...
  • Kfir Dor, Israeli Lawyer – Criminal and trafic law
    Director of the Criminal and Traffic Law Department. Law school graduate in Israel, member of the Israel Bar Association. An expert in criminal law and traffic law; accompanies defendants and suspects, from the first stage of the investigation, including hearings,...
  • Israeli attorney
    Leon Rosenberg, Founder
    Founder of the office. Graduate Odessa University Law faculty. Attorney in Israel – Leon Rosenberg started his career as an assistant to the general prosecutor of Ukraine. Rosenberg specialized in civil law cases, family cases and inheritance cases. In 1975 he was accepted...
  • Lawyer in Israel
    Nina Shayer, Israeli Lawyer – injuries
    Member of the Israel Bar since 1996. Specialty Areas: Tort Law – victims of car accidents, workplace accidents, victims of terror specifically and those who’ve suffered injuries in general. Represents victims of car accidents, workplace accidents, sports accidents, victims of...
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Did you know?

israeli law of return

Israeli law of return

Right to make “Aliya” – Every Jew has the right to immigrate to Israel and immigrant visa will be given to every Jew who has expressed his desire to settle in Israel.

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