OUR VISION Posted on May 21, 2012

Our vision is first of all honesty, reliability and professionalism.

Our vision is provide our clients the exact service that they need.

Our vision is to provide our clients all the legal service in one-stop-shop firm that will accompanied generations.

Our vision is to connect our clients with our clients and associates in order to create a business and connection net all around the globe.

Our vision is to expose our clients to business opportunities.

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Rosenberg & Co. Law Office, was founded in Israel by a lawyer in Israel Leon Rosenberg, in 1975 the city of Netanya, in 1981 opened a branch in Tel Aviv law firm and notary Rosenberg & Co. Our firm specializes in services related to the following topics: Citizenship and visas, personal status and family law, inheritance, wills and estates, Ministry of Interior, real estate, commercial law, company registration, intellectual property and copyright law and litigation. CONTACT US 24/7!