Jenny Lantsman, Israeli Lawyer – Head of Netanya Office Posted on June 1, 2013

Head of Real Estate department and department of Family Law in Israel.

Director of the branch office in the city of Netanya.

Completed the full training in our office.

Member of the Israel Bar Association.

Specialization in Real Estate in Israel:

netanya branch director

successfully completed her internship in our firm.

accompanying transactions of purchase, selling, leasing and handing of real estate, inquiry of real estate ownership, inquiry of foreclosures and pledges, contract editing, caveats noting, mortgage transfer, preparing all paperwork for the real estate bureu of taxation, handling betterment levies, acquisition tax, betterment tax, preparation of papers for registration of estate in permanent lease.

Experienced in negotiating and corresponding against banks and government and municipal bureaus.
Handling family law cases, including alimony claims, divorce, custody claims etc.

Legal support of real estate (houses, apartments, land / purchase, sale, lease, gifs).

Legal representation in Israel include:

Documents certifying ownership rights to real estate in Israel;

Encumbrances on the property in Israel

Liens, mortgages, fines, debts to state bodies and third parties;

Creating contract property sale/but;

Receipt of all necessary documents and information from state and municipal authorities, including “Tabu”, “Minhal”, construction company that produced the construction of the facility;

Tax certificates and permits regarding the contract.

Specialization in Family Law in Israel:

Represents clients in cases of divorce / dissolution of marriage in Israel, alimony (for wife, children, the elderly parents), division of property, custody, Paternity, record divorce in family and religious courts in Israel, and etc.

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