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Commercial Law | Company Formation, Internet Law and Business Support

Our firm’s Commercial Law Division operates to support our clients from the early stages, when an idea is first formed and a business plan laid out, and through the profit realization stage. At the head of our firm’s commercial division is attorney Eli Rosenberg. Attorney Eli Rosenberg is certified by the Finance Academy of Migdal Capital Markets in “corporate law practice.”

Our firm’s Commercial Law Division provides professional business counseling to entrepreneurs, beginning businesses and existing businesses in various matters including legal advice, tax advice and advertisement advice.

Our offices specialize in representing our clients before the Companies Registrar, the Foundations Registrar and the Partnerships Registrar and we provide support for our clients in the following areas:

Establishing an LLC – drafting and submission to the Companies Registrar of the entire set of documents required in order to register a limited liability company, including choice of company name, drafting of the company registration request, drafting of the company bylaws, drafting of the initial shareholders’ affidavit and the declaration of the board of directors.

Establishment of a Partnership – drafting of the partnership foundation agreement, drafting of agreements to join a partnership

Establishment of foundations


Commercial Lawyer

As such, our firm’s Commercial Division specializes in drafting commercial agreements according our clients’ requests and needs, including:

Drafting founders’ agreement/contract

Drafting agreements/contracts for dissolution of partnerships

Drafting agreements/contracts for the purchase of businesses such as a restaurant, club, bar, shop, etc.

Drafting agreements/contracts for acquisition of a company or transfer of ownership of a company

Editing distribution/franchise agreements/contracts

Drafting agreements/contracts for the sale of a trademark, intellectual property, copyright, patent, etc.

Letters of guarantee

Share transfer deeds

And any other documents and agreements necessary in the course of the business operations of any business.


Trademark – trademark registration and representation in proceedings relating to trademarks

Our firm specializes in providing services related to trademark registration, trademark registration opposition, trademark violations and the like.

The importance inherent in trademark registration and protection stems from the abundance of market supply and the need to differentiate one’s brands and products.

We understand the importance to our clients in branding their business and differentiating their products, and thus we provide a broad spectrum of services related to the field of trademarks.


Internet Law

Internet law is a combination of several areas of law which apply to the internet, beginning with copyrights in images, text, design and site planning, to site preparation rules, information security mechanisms and the like.

Attorney Eli Rosenberg holds a certificate from “Habetzefer” which is operated by the 60 largest and leading advertising agencies in Israel manages the firm’s of Public Relations division and provides advice regarding advertising and marketing. Attorney Eli Rosenberg holds a certificate in SEO – Search Engine Optimization from “Ness” College, and has extensive knowledge in promoting websites.

Attorney Eli Rosenberg has extensive experience in marketing, advertising, promotions, brand building, designing, SEO – Search Engine Optimization positioning, market penetration, crisis management and more.