Copyright Law in Israel

Copyright is a common term among the public with regard to anything having to do with intellectual property and intangible assets. Copyright laws apply both to a photo taken by a photographer who suddenly discovers it on a commercial web site, and to the artist who discovers that his painting is being publicly distributed without his consent.

Our Copyright Law Division has vast experience in the management of claims and disputes relating to copyright, copyright violation and copyright protection.

Furthermore, we specialize in negotiation on behalf of alleged copyright violators.

Due to the complexity of copyright law field and our deep and professional understanding of the field – we have been witness to impressive and precedent setting results stemming from our efforts on our clients’ behalf.

Our Intellectual Property and Copyright division offers broad services in the field of network/web law, internet law, copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs.
Copyright Lawyer in Israel – Attorney Eli Rosenberg

Copyright Attorneys – Our Copyright and Intellectual Property Division is headed by Attorney Eli Rosenberg.

Attorney Eli Rosenberg, the son of attorney Pavel Rosenberg, has vast experience in the field of intellectual property in general and in specifically in providing legal support to clients in the field of intellectual property.

Our firm’s Intellectual Property Division routinely provides services to clients both large and small, such as hi-tech electronics companies, importers, exporters, cultural figures, intellectuals, musicians, business owners in areas such as food, clubs, advice and more.

Attorney Eli Rosenberg is an expert in the field of advertising, marketing, public relations. Attorney El Rosenberg holds a certificate of completion from the advertising companies’ leading school.

Moreover, Attorney Eli Rosenberg holds a certificate from Ness College in the field of SEO.

As such, Attorney Eli Rosenberg is active in the Israel Internet Organization and in the Israel Bar Association’s Intellectual Property and Copyrights Committee.
Our firm provides its clients with copyright services, including:

Ongoing legal support

Claims of copyright infringement

Drafting intellectual property and copyright agreements

Legal support in registering patents in Israel and abroad

Legal support in registering trademarks

Patent Development

Representation before the Patent Office
Protection of copyrights such as:

Copyrights on the web

Copyrights in photographs

Copyrights on YouTube


Copyrights on the internet

Copyrights in music

Legal representation in matters related to

Copyright violations

Copyright claims

Copyright violation on the internet

Registration of copyrights

Theft of copyrights

Copyrights in books

Our office’s Intellectual Property Division has supported young entrepreneurs and inventors from the outset, including fledgling start-up companies, inventors, artists and more. We endeavor to link entrepreneurs with entities which possess the ability to promote their ideas and fund them.