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Attorneys in Israel Profession and Uniqueness is due by the Law of the Israel Bar Association.

Provisions of law applicable to attorney in Israel Attorneys in Israel – Chapter Three: Department of the profession and uniqueness

Attorneys in Israel :

20. Unique profession actions Activities listed below, will not make it through practice, or return though not through an occupation, but the editor – Law and these actions: (1) representation of another person and another argument and action name before my daughter – law, daughter – law, switches and other organizations and individuals with jurisdiction or quasi – judicial; (2) representation of another person and any other action on behalf ago – Ministry of execution; Land Registry Office; Attorneys in Israel – Authorized official purposes Condominium Act, Tshi”g – 1952; Registrar of Companies; Registrar of Partnerships; Registrar of Cooperative Societies; Patents and Designs; Registrar of Trademarks; Tax assessor and a representative for the purposes of income tax tax – income; Director for the purposes of Taxation Law, Ts”t – 1949; Director of Estate Tax Estate Tax Law purposes, Ts”t – 1949; (3) preparation of documents of a legal nature to another person, including the representation of another person negotiations – a legal provision for the preparation of such a document; (4) Counseling and Indicator – legal review. 21. Saving User (Amendment TRIP) Jenny-Lantsman Provisions of section 20 do not harm each other: (1) the authority of the Attorney General and his representatives; (2) Representation before the houses – religious courts and before the houses – military courts; (3) representation before a court – Justice, The – Dean, body or person regulated by legislation representation before them, including the provisions of Section 236 Tax payable – Income; (4) The powers of a patent agent under the Patents and Designs and Trade Marks Ordinance, 1938; (5) The right of Certified – Account fill positions allowed them by law; (6) a representation of the organization of workers or employers, or by a member of such an organization’s representative, arbitration matters of employment or in connection with the agreement – work; (7) Indicator – a legal opinion by the person being asked by an editor – law or by state authorities. (8) Representation before the arbitrators when one of the parties in arbitration is a foreign resident or corporation registered outside to Israel by foreign residents qualified to practice law in the state he is a resident. 22. Right to representation by an Attorneys in Israel Person filing power of Attorneys in Israel – lawyer entitled to be represented by him to all state agencies, local authorities and other organizations and other people out public functions under the law, this provision does not derogate from the authority to require the presence or personal action of the person represented, and does not affect the statute regulating the representation to the authority, body or person as aforesaid. 23. Counsel – except in special cases (Amendment Non-resident) Person who is not a citizen and is charged with an offense punishable by death under the Law on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide – with, – 1950 or under the Nazis and their collaborators, Attorneys in Israel – 1950 or investigation being conducted against him for such an offense, may appoint himself, with the approval Minister of Justice, a defense attorney who is not an editor – the law within the meaning of this Act, if he is authorized to edit – Dean out – to Israel Minister of Justice may approve the appointment under special circumstances and after consultation with the National Council of the Bar; defense attorney whose appointment was approved as aforesaid, for the purposes of this law – that the lawyer within the meaning of this Act, the Minister of Justice may, in special circumstances, with the consent of the President of – Supreme Court, and Confronted defendant on trial – with the consent of a house – court before he was sentenced, revoke an approval granted, revoked certificate – Cancel the appointment of counsel

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