How is child support collected? Posted on November 2, 2014

In many cases where the spouse owes child support, he is a serial debtor or has fled the country and child support is not collected by the Execution Authority, you can contact the National Insurance Institute with a petition to pay some of the court ordered child support.

In many cases, the spouse against whom the demand for child support is filed plans to leave the country. In such cases it is extremely important to impose a denial of exit order against the respondent spouse. The petition for a denial of exit order is submitted to the Family Court, with an affidavit detailing the facts which demonstrate that the defendant will attempt to leave the country permanently, and the petition is subject to payment of a fee. Decisions on such petitions are granted immediately.

Note that in some cases a respondent may have an order denying him exit from the country lifted, subject to the deposit a guarantee and/or providing sufficient collateral to ensure his return.

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