What is a petition for an order of inheritance? Posted on June 24, 2013

A petition for an order of inheritance is a petition which is filed by the legal heirs of a particular decedent in which they petition the Inheritance Registrar or the Rabbinical Court to order that all rights and obligations be transferred to the heirs of the deceased in accordance with the Law of Succession. A decedent’s heir can be a spouse, son, grandson or brother. Inheritance law establishes a particular hierarchy of inheritance. Note that after receiving an inheritance order, the heirs may be exposed to claims against the deceased as executors of the estate. For example a person died, and before his death sold an apartment but the transfer of rights was not completed. The purchaser may seek legal recourse against the heirs by filing suit for a mandatory injunction as well as a damage/contract claim. The petition involves payment of a fee.

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