Family Law in Israel Posted on May 24, 2012

Family Law in Israel

Family Law | Divorce, Child Support, Dissolution of Partnership and Paternity

Our firm’s Family Law Division has gained extensive experience in handling family law cases. Our Family Law department is managed by attorney Eugenia Lanzman, under the supervision of attorney Pavel Rosenberg. We specialize in handling negotiations and appearing in the Family Court, the Rabbinical Court, the General Guardian’s Office and all other relevant institutions.

Our firm provides our clients with the following services:

Paternity suits, along with application for an order for tissue classification

Request to appoint a guardian for an elderly/sick/minor/helpless person

Petitions for divorce before the Rabbinical Court

Petitions to permit marriage in cases of marriage between non-Jewish spouses/one spouse is non-Jewish/Christian couples

Filing and management of claims for alimony in the Family Court and the Rabbinical Court

Preparation and execution of divorce agreements

Petitions for name change by a minor to that a parent of a single parent/adoptive parents

Petitions for custody and to petitions for orders of temporary custody/visitation rights

Demand child support and housing for minors

Receipt of exit prohibition against a defendant in child support/cases where there is cause for concern that the defendant will flee

Family Law in Israel

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