Litigation in Israel Posted on May 24, 2011

Litigation in Israel

Civil Law | Representation and Management of Legal Proceedings

All of the attorneys in our office are active in our Civil Law Division. The department is headed by Attorney Pavel Rosenberg, the head of the office. The attorneys in our office specialize in preparing pleadings, affidavits, petitions and notices to courts, tribunals and governmental institutions such as the Inheritance Registrar, Israel Lands Administration, the Land Registry and more.

With that, our attorneys include litigators (lawyers who appear in court) who are experienced and highly qualified. Our attorneys professionally and zealously represent the interests and rights of our clients while maintaining strict standards of etiquette and ethics.

Attorney Pavel Rosenberg and his son, attorney Eli Rosenberg, have both successfully completed certification courses on the subject of the art of cross examination.

The Civil Law division provides our clients, amongst other things, with services in the following areas:

Monetary claims

Petitioning the courts in administrative petitions against state authorities

Applications for various orders such as injunctions, restraining orders, orders denying departure from the country, etc.

Protecting our clients in litigation proceedings

Protecting our clients in financial claims, damages claims, contractual claims, etc.

Management of opening motions in various matters

Drafting of various claims and applications

Drafting letters and documents of a legal nature

Litigation in Israel

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