Real Estate in Israel Posted on May 23, 2011

Real Estate in Israel

Real Property Law | Legal Services for the Purchase, Sale, and Rental of Real Property

Real Property Lawyer – Attorney Pavel Rosenberg, Real Estate Lawyer – Attorney Eugenia Lanzman – Legal Representation in the Real Property Sale and Acquisition all over Israel.Our offices have closed thousands of such deals successfully. We offer service and efficiency without equal! Call now (24/7) – +-972-3-7585567 or our Netanya branch +-972-9-8621741

Our Real Estate division handles hundreds of real estate matters including apartment sales, land acquisition, registering rights with the Land Registry/Housing Company/Israel Lands Administration etc.Our offices specialize in providing services, both to Israel citizens as well as foreign residents, in the following Real Estate matters:

Purchase of an apartment from a contractor

Drafting of apartment purchase/sale agreements/contracts

Drafting of land plots purchase/sale agreements/contracts

Drafting of retail property purchase/sale agreements/contracts

Drafting of purchase/sale agreements/contracts for real property in all formsRepresentation of sellers as well as purchasers in real property transactions

Registration of rights with the Real Property Registry

Registration of rights with the Israel Lands Administration

Registration of rights with the Housing Company

Transfer of rights based on inheritance orders

Transfer of rights based on will execution orders

Transfer of rights based on court order

Representation of minors in real property transactions

Drafting gift contracts

Drafting rental documents

With that, over the years and at the initiative of the late attorney Leon Rosenberg, we have established a subdivision which deals with issues relating to property tax including:

Purchase tax – tax assessments, computation, appeal, and objections.

Capital gains tax – tax assessments, exemptions, computation, appeal, and objections.

Real estate taxes in general.

Note that our office works in close cooperation with leading experts in the field of real estate, including contractors, appraisers, architects and engineers.

In recent years, following increasingly great demand for residential housing in Israel and developed lands in general, we established a special department in our office which works to promote and support projects in various areas such as Plan 38, urban renewal, combination agreement, building permits, conforming use permits, permit to operate a business and more.

Our office employs its talents and connections to the fullest in order to connect potential landlords and venture capitalists and Israeli citizens and foreign nationals who want to invest in construction projects in Israel and abroad. We provide support for construction projects from concept formulation until the completion of the building/condominium registration with the Land Registry.

Real Estate in Israel

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